LED-Illuminated Door Safety Kits

Prevent Damage and Down-Time from Needless Impacts to Your Doors with Informational LED Door Kits!

The NOVA Door position light kit is a Door Condition Awareness System (D-CAS) which informs drivers of the state of a drive-through overhead door even when the driver is unable to see its position.  A 10′ colored LED Light strip is mounted to both the inside and outside of the door.  A driver pulling in or backing in is supplied with door travel information.


  • LEDs are off (or solid red) when door is down, flashing red when in motion, and solid green when door is fully open.
  • Reduces door and vehicle damage, lost product, and unnecessary costs when installed.
  • Acts as a power loss indicator – LEDs flash RED if the operator loses power.
  • When installed in firehouses and EMT stations, the Red LEDs preserve night vision and reduce the need for harsh white lights during evening hours.
  • Compatible with most commercial garage door operators.
  • Optional Blue Light (BL) feature informs awaiting vehicles if there is already a vehicle on the other side of the door; potentially reducing loading and unloading delays caused by the need to move because the bay already has a truck inside.
  • LEDs are IP68, Waterproof, UV Protected and highly visible in the daylight.