Lock-Up™ Vehicle Restraint

The patented NOVA Lock-Up™ Vehicle Restraint is designed to secure an intermodal container  chassis, standard trailer and most RIG bar configurations, even styles that have cover plates
or obstructions. Its spring-loaded housing lowers with truck contact, positions the unit with the RIG bar and automatically adjusts to trailer float. The roller slope extension decreases the resistance of carriage travel while it adjusts to the height of the RIG bar and features a wheel assembly that effortlessly
rolls over the pavement to prevent marks/gouges on the dock approach pavement.

Mounts to dock above ground level to stay clear of accumulated precipitation and debris. Protected from the elements with watertight connectors and zinc plating, which provides exceptional corrosion resistance.


  • Vertical barrier position ensures engagement with intermodal containers and trailer RIG configurations with cover plates or obstructions
  • Patented activation system ensures RIG/barrier engagement when electrical power is lost
  • Brakeless, direct drive gear motor specifically engineered for this application—no brake, clutch, sprockets, chain or adjustments required
  • Designed to accommodate the widest variety of RIG configurations
  • PLC-based control box provides maintenance diagnostics
  • RIG sensor is standard and will notify dock attendant when trailer is present without opening the overhead door
  • LED lights are standard for energy efficiency and long life
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI MH30.3 requirements, tested and certified
  • Includes a 5-year warranty