Truck Lock™ – Low Profile – Cast-In Style (Lifetime Warranty)

The NOVA Truck Lock™ vehicle restraint keeps dock operations safe and secure during loading and unloading. Trucks and trailers are held firmly in place by a high-visibility barrier-style ram bar which can withstand a pullout force of over 30,000 pounds to prevent accidental separation from the loading dock during the cargo handling process. The 7 1/2 inch version is the lowest stored height of any restraint in the industry, allowing service to a wider range of truck types.

The Cast-In style housing is designed to be embedded into the concrete drive. This installation method provides years of trouble-free service without any damage to the building, unlike other restraints that attach to the dock wall.  The zinc-plated housing is completely self-contained and is designed to handle the harshest of loading dock environments.


  • Lifetime Warranty – longest warranty in the industry
  • Versatility in handling a larger variety of trucks
  • Installs at more nontraditional dock types
  • Low maintenance design, very few moving parts
  • 7 1/2″ retracted height for use with lift gate and steep decline approach
  • Non-impact design
  • Manual or powered versions
  • LED inside and outside light communication package
  • Can withstand over 30,000 pounds of pull-away force
  • Ram bar yield strength of 100,000 psi
  • Zinc-plated finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance
  • All activation components mounted inside the building
  • Small foot print