Energy Saving Products

Bottom Seals

Bottom Seals–provides environmental and pest control by filling the gaps between the overhead dock door and the dock leveler/floor. They keep rain, snow, dust and… Read more »

Bumper Cover Pads

Bumper Cover Pads fill the gaps under the side pad and between leveler and dock bumper. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Foam pad Cover with no step… Read more »

Door Fangs

Door fangs fill the gap between the dock leveler deck and the curb angles. Door fangs attach to the overhead door, and when the door… Read more »

Dock Leveler Curtains

CUSTOM DOCK LEVELER CURTAIN The Nova Dock Leveler Curtain (DLC) seals the pit while the leveler is in use to help prevent loss of  heating… Read more »

Dock Stuffers

Dock stuffers block the gap between the bumper and dock seal. An economical way to eliminate the gap created during the loading and unloading process.… Read more »