Options and Accessories

Field Installed Drop Curtain

Designed to seal any gap between the trailer and head pad. The drop curtain wraps around the entire head pad, starting at the wood frame… Read more »
Vertical Leveler Bottom Pad

Vertical Leveler Bottom Pad

The NOVA Vertical Leveler Bottom Pad is designed to maximize environmental and temperature control while vertical-storing levelers are in use. It attaches to the underside… Read more »

Wear Pleat

Multi-layer, reinforced Wear Pleats on the full height of side pads and corners of head pad provide maximum protection to extend life of the seal.… Read more »

Scuff Guard

Scuff Guards protect the inside of side pads from freight and can be full height or 48-inches high.

Wear Face

The Wear Face reinforces the entire contact surface of the side pad or head pad for greater durability.

Available Fabrics

FLAME-RETARDANT FABRIC Many of our fabrics offer optional flame-retardant designs. These fabrics are engineered or tested to the strict standards of the California State Title… Read more »